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Welcome to the Eighth Annual Winter Festivus Model Horse Show

Show date: Saturday February, 24 2024


Location: Lions Club

12415 Murphy Ave. 

San Martin, CA 95046-9527


Divisions and Judges:





AR/CM mini: TBA





Show Hours: Show Hall opens at 8:00AM - Judging will begin at 9:00AM.


Show Schedule: Show hall will open at 8:00am and show will start at 9:00am. Lunch break will be at 12 noon (approximate) and will last 1 hour to allow for model unpacking for the afternoon classes. Show is scheduled to run until 5:30pm. We must be cleaned up, packed, and out of the venue by 7 pm. Please stay to help tear down the hall and tidy up. We are required to do so to continue to use the facility for future shows. 


Each division will have an assigned table with one judge. Between each of these tables will be overflow tables to be shared as classes require. To help keep this large show moving along - please read your class lists and be ready to self-load the next class as a completed class is excused. Given the extensive class list, we need to keep the show moving so please load classes and clear your entries upon completion of judging in a timely manner. 



This show is a benefit for Friends of the San Martin Animal Shelter. We asked people to bring food, toys, other pet supplies, and even monetary donations to the show for an organized drop off at the local humane society down the road from the show hall. For more information on the local shelter please see Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the Friends of the San Martin Animal Shelter; this is in part due to the generous sponsorship of our show by the hobby community as well as your entry fees covering all show costs. A handful of items will be available in a silent auction format or to benefit the upcoming 2024 Golden West Championship Show. These items will be specifically marked for funding the championship show. 



We will be observing county and CDC guidelines to maintain a safe environment. Currently, the Lion’s Hall in San Martin is requiring occupants to follow county guidelines. These provisions may include but are not limited to masking, social distancing, and capping the number of attendees in the building. This is a dynamic situation and as such, we will plan on having the show pending the rates of infectivity remain low and at what the county and CDC deems acceptable for indoor gatherings of under 50 people. Additionally, there will be a second waiver to be signed at the door concerning release of liability specifically for COVID-19. We ask that if you are feeling unwell and have symptoms related to the flu, RSV, or COVID-19, please contact the show holder and plan to not attend the event. 





This show will be a NAN (North American Nationals) qualifier (pending) - 1st and 2nd place horses in all classes will receive a green NAN card that qualifies that horse to enter the NAN shows in 2024 though and 2028. 


REGION 2 Championships:

This show will also be a Region 2 qualifier; any horse with a 1st through 2nd place will qualify for the upcoming Region 2 Championship Show.



Class Limitations: Class limit is 3 horses per class, except as noted. Extra Horses: limit of 2 horses per class may be added at the rate of $1.00 per horse - payable at the table. Class participation limits per horse: a model can compete in one (1) breed class only and one (1) collectability/workmanship class only- earning a maximum of 2 NAN card at this show.


General Class Information: Classes may be split, combined or canceled, depending upon the number of entries, at the discretion of the judge and/or show holder. 


Scale Descriptions: The models commonly termed Traditional and/or Classic will show in the regular classes. Models commonly termed Stablemate, TinyMite, Littlebit, Pebbles and Chips will show in the Mini classes where a mini class alternative is noted. 


AWARDS: Ribbon Flats to 5th Place in Classes, rosettes to section champions and reserve. Rosettes and pony pouches to division champions and reserves. New for 2024! Thanks to Equine Artist Rebecca Turner, we have a medallion that will only be available to Winter Festivus. Champions will be awarded copies of the medallion and additional copies maybe available for either purchase or in the fundraisers. 


At the end of the day, attendees will be invited to vote for the People’s Choice Award. A Champion and Reserve Champion will be chosen from each division’s champions via popular vote and awarded a special rosette and prize. So please, consider staying to the end to participate. Please note: If you do not want or need all of your ribbons, please consider donating them back to the show holder at the end of the day. Reuse of ribbons of all types not only cuts down on waste but also helps reduce show costs. 


ENTRY CARDS: Each entry must have a 3"x5" card, white or colored for this show. On the up side, type or print clearly the class number, breed and gender. On the down side, print the horse's name and the shower's name. For security purposes and to prevent mix ups, you may tag your horses but please be careful to have only the horse's breed and gender showing when you place it in the show ring. Do not place your entry on top of another entry's card or leg tags. Entries without Entry Cards will be disqualified. Please do not use scraps of paper or Post-It notes -- 3" x 5" index cards ONLY. 


DOCUMENTATION: Documentation for your horses is welcomed and is required in collectability classes - please do not assume your judge knows every detail that could help your horse place in the ribbons. As a courtesy to other showers, please limit the size of your documentation to a maximum of 8-1/2 x 11 inches. 


SPONSORSHIP RAFFLE: Tickets for the sponsorship raffle will be given at the rate of one ticket per estimated dollar of donation value. Tickets will be available via class, section and division sponsorships, and via raffle and auction donations. 


OPPORTUNITY DRAWS AND AUCTIONS: This is a fundraiser show to fund the humane society of San Martin so of course there will be opportunity draws! Drawings and silent auctions will be active throughout the day, with winners and drawings held at 3:00PM. All entrants will receive a set of draw tickets with additional ones being available the day of for purchase. We gladly accept donations for the draws, silent auctions and door prizes up to and including the show date. Proceeds will be donated directly to the San Martin Animal shelter.  A few items will be present to raise funds for the 2024 Golden West Championship Show; these items will be designated clearly for this purpose. 





JUDGING CRITERIA for Breed Classes: 

Entries in the Breed classes will be judged on the following:

1) Breed type and correct, acceptable color for that breed or registry.

2) Biomechanics - the correctness of limb positions and anatomy.

3) The excellence of workmanship to include seams, paint overspray and surface finishing.

4) Overall Judge’s impression



JUDGING CRITERIA for Workmanship Classes: 

Entries in the workmanship classes will be judged on the following:

1) Preparation work on the model prior to final painting including seams, correct biomechanics, etc.

2) Any re-sculpting work

3) Correctness for Breed assignment as applicable including color and body type

4) final painting and finish work

5) Overall Judge’s impression



JUDGING CRITERIA for Collectability Classes:

Entries in the collectability classes will be judged on the following

1) Rarity, please provide documentation

2) Condition of the model (rubs, scratches, discoloration, etc.)

3) Overall Judge’s impression


Documentation about unusual breeds, new breeds or unusual colors will be an asset. If a shower chooses to lay their entry down on the table rather than place it in a standing position, they automatically give the judge the authority to pick up the horse for judging so that the other side of the model may be seen. The judge must be allowed to pick up the model for judging. Show holder(s) and judges are not responsible for any damage that occurs on the show table should a "tippy" horse fall over. Please lay horses down on a modestly sized piece of fabric or bubble wrap to protect your entry.


Judges' Decisions: Decisions of the judges are final! Please do not question them while they are judging a class. If you have a question regarding a placing, please ask the judge politely and promptly after the class. Some classes may be team judged or another judge may fill in for a short break. Please feel free to approach the show holder to intercede on your behalf with a question for the judge if there seems to be a serious conflict occurring during the actual judging... only the show holder may interrupt the judging for any reason.


PLEASE do not hover, take photographs or approach any portion of the table while the judge is judging a class! 


Groom/dust your models PRIOR to bringing them to the table. Excessive time spent dusting slows the show down and the dust you brush off your model into the air can settle onto another shower's model. Please be aware and considerate.


DO NOT touch any models other than your own unless you have the specific permission of the owner.







Please refer to the current NAMHSA Breed List for classification of breeds into types. Our class list is based off of this master list. If you cannot locate it, feel free to email the show holder and I will send a copy to you. 


Arabian: All purebred Arabian strains recognized by the Arabian Horse Registry. NOTE: The Shagya Arabian although of Arabian ancestry is not "of type" as recognized by AHR and should be shown in Other Sport. 


Part-Arabian: All part Arabians of extreme Arab type show in this class. Part Arabians showing more type of their other half should show in Other Light/Part Breed, or where appropriate for their body type. For instance, a Quarab that appears more like a Pure Arab would be shown in Part Arabs in the Arab division, whereas a Quarab that appears more like a Quarter Horse would be shown in Other Stock/Partbred in the Stock division. National Show Horses - both gaited and non-gaited - will show in NSH classes. 


Warmblood: Horses shown as Warmbloods are actually descended from or a blend of hot-blooded breeds and cold-blooded (light draft) breeds... they are not simply sport-conformed versions of other breeds. Examples are Belgian Warmblood, Budyonny, Danish Warmblood, Danubian, Dutch Gronigen, Dutch Warmblood, East Bulgarian, Finnish Universal, French Trotter, Gelderlander, Hispano, Holsteiner, Hanoverian, Trakehner, Hungarian Warmblood, Irish Draft aka Irish Draught, Kladruber, Knabstrup, Latvia, Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, Rhinelander, Salerno, Selle Francais, Swedish Warmblood.


Sport Horses: Athletic breeds used for actual sport in their native lands and sport conformed individuals that have evolved in modern era to fulfill the needs of today's competition. Examples are Akhal Teke, Appaloosa Sport horse (Appaloosa x Warmblood origins) , American Sport Horse or American Warmblood (basically Quarter Horse or Paint crossed on Thoroughbred or breeds with Warmblood origins, possibly Mustang and Thoroughbred or Warmblood crosses), Canadian Sport Horse, Furious, Irish Draught Sport horse, Metis Trotter, Nonius, Terek, Waler, Westphalian and all other pure or part of the above breeds showing Warmblood characteristics, used for all aspects of combined training including geographically located racing events (i.e. in North American harness racing horses are Standardbreds, but in Russia they could be the Metis Trotter or Orlov Trotter breeds.) 


Carriage Breeds: Such as Cleveland Bay, Friesian, Friesian Sport horse, Hackney Horse, French or Norman Cob, Lippizan, Orlov Trotter, Welsh Cob section "D", all other pure or part of the above breeds showing Cob, or Carriage characteristics, used for driving.


Gaited Horse: Any breeds exhibiting gaited characteristics, i.e. is NATURALLY inclined to perform gaits other than a walk, trot, and canter (such as a running walk, rack, foxtrot, etc.) A high trot does NOT constitute a specialized gait. The Spanish Walk is a movement that can be taught to any well-conformed breed and is not a gait. Spanish breed or descended breeds such as the Mangalara Marcheador, Paso Fino or Peruvian Paso are encouraged but not required to show in Spanish Breeds, rather than in Other Gaited (there may or may not be a separate Gaited Spanish class offered.) However - Non-Gaited Spanish breeds must show in the Spanish classes. The American Saddlebred, American Spotted Saddlehorse, Missouri Foxtrotter, Tennessee Walking horses of either show/padded shoe "Big Lick" version or cowboy shod version "Plantation Style", Rocky Mountain Horse, Walkaloosa, and all other pure or part breeds showing gaited characteristics show in this Gaited class. 


Ponies: Any breed exhibiting pony characteristics of height and conformation, or those generally recognized as "pony." Includes but isn't limited to these breeds: American Shetland, American Walking Pony, Assateague, Bali, Basque, Batak, British Shetland, British Spotted Pony, Carmargue, Chincoteague, Chinese, Dales Pony, Dartmoor, Fell Pony, Galiceno, Hackney Pony, Marwari, Mongolian, New Forest Pony, Paint Pony, POA, Quarter Pony, Rocky Mountain Pony (Welsh Section "A") Welsh Section "B", Welsh Cob Pony Section "C" and any other pure or part ponies exhibiting pony characteristics. American Saddle Pony and other Gaited Pony breeds should show here in Other Ponies. Hackney Ponies, which are not gaited, go in Show Ponies.


Stock Breeds: Any breed typically used for working stock, or of a body type considered as "stock", Appaloosa, Australian Stock Horse, Canadian Cutter, Colorado Ranger or Rangerbred, Mustang, Paint, Quarter Horse. All breeds not listed that would be used in its native country or region for working stock or general ranch work. For this show, please show BLM Mustangs, Kiger Mustangs, Cayuse Indian Pony/ Cayuse Indian Horse, and other Mustangs of various types and sub-groups in the Mustang class. Spanish Mustangs may be shown in either the Mustang class (the preferred location) or they may be shown in the Spanish classes (if they already have NAN cards in that class.) Any other pure or part breed exhibiting stock characteristics: American Indian Horses may show in either the Mustang class or the Other Stock class; Fjords and Brumbies may also show here in Other stock, as they are used as stock horses in their native lands. Documentation will be a big help in the Mustang and Other Stock classes.


Draft Breeds: Any breed typically used for medium or heavy draft work, including pulling loads, farm work, etc. and exhibiting draft confirmation. Ardennais, Auxios, Belgian, Brabant, Boulannais, Breton, Clydesdale, Comtois, Dole Gubrandsdal, Dutch Draft, Italian Heavy Draft, Percheron, Suffolk Punch, Shire, Swedish Ardennes, Vladimer Heavy Draft and any pure or part breeds showing draft characteristics or conformation, used for heavy farm/harness work.


Spanish Breeds: Breed originating and perpetuated in the Spanish/Iberian region of Europe and any breed developed and now bred primarily in the New World (North and South America) maintained as a controlled pure breed with roots in the Spanish/Iberian region of Europe. Alter Real, Andalusian, Lusitano, Azteca, Barb, Criollo, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Soraia and all other breeds pure or part exhibiting similar characteristics and bred primarily in the Spanish/Iberian region of Europe. Spanish Mustangs show in this division as Other Spanish Breed. 


Other Purebreds: This class to include horse breeds that include more than one body type such as the American Cream, Bahskir Curly, Russian Don, Kathiawari, Lokai, Malapolski, American Miniature, Turkoman, Wielopolski, all other pure breeds recognized by tradition or breed registries.


Other Partbreds: may compete in the halter division best suited to their conformation and type. For instance, Ara-Apps (Arabian and Appaloosa crosses used for endurance and pleasure riding) may show very Arabian characteristics and do better in Other Lightbreed, or may show very stock characteristics with an Arabian influence in the head and neck and show better in Other Stock. This is up to the shower's discretion. Grades and unusual cross breeds should show where Other a part breed classes are offered.


Longears/Exotics: All mules, hinnies, donkeys and burros are considered longears. All non-domesticated, extinct, or living primitive breeds such as Przewalski, Tarpan, Wild Ass, Onager, Quagga, crossbred Zorse and Zony models and Zebras are considered exotics. 


Kristin Arendt, Show holder 510-541-5919 – 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM Pacific Time.


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