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ENTRY FORM for THE  7th Annual WINTER FESTIVUS Model Horse Show 2021

Date and Time: Sunday, December 12, 2021


12415 Murphy Ave
San Martin, CA 95046-9527

Show Hall opens at 8:00AM - Classes Begin at 9:00AM


Please register early as this show sells out!


Mail Entry with your Check or Money Order To:

Kristin Arendt/Winter Festivus 

2267 Elkhorn Court, San Jose, CA 95125












If you are entering as a proxy, name of the person showing on your behalf: _________________________________________________________________


If you want to pay via PayPal please note: As we all know using Pay Pal is quick and easy but they do charge fees. Our goal as show holders is to keep our shows financially healthy (especially if a show has a charitable donation as its goal). In order to reach those goals, show fees are calculated to be used in their entirety (I.e. without fee deductions by Pay Pal). These prepaid showers fees are offset all hall rentals, rosettes, prizes, judges costs, etc. before the show date ever arrives. Funds received from auctions and raffles are our source for charity donations. We have calculated the PayPal fees to be approximately 3.00 per entry, please consider including this cost when using PayPal for show fees. If you are paying with PayPal, please use this ID: and be sure to use the subject WINTER FESTIVUS ENTRY.


If you prefer to enter online via email, you may cut & paste or copy this page, fill it out and e-mail it to and be sure to use the subject WINTER FESTIVUS ENTRY. Please note I will require a signed copy of the waiver to be in hand on the day of the show. 



Fees (received on or before November 15): 

Full table $55.00 

Half table $35.00 

Additional table with paid entry: $30.00 (Available after November 15th)

Late Entry Fees (after November 15): Full table $65.00 

Late Entry Fees (after November 15): Half table $45.00 

Late Entry Fee (after November 15): Additional Table $40.00 

Proxy Entry - 10 horses max... no table provided $25.00


This is an "open seating" event (except where tables are reserved for judges or showholder's needs). Tables will be set-up from the Saturday event but some may need to be configured. Show management appreciates any help you can offer during setting up the - and of course those that help set up can select their locations sooner. All tables and chairs must be folded and returned as we find them when the weekend's two show events are over. Please stay to help tear down the show. We have to be cleaned and cleared out by 7pm and completing these tasks ensures our continued access to this show site, whose costs help keep your show fees down. 


A Note about those additional tables: We are trying something a little new this year. Additional tables will not be available until after the November 15th entry deadline. This gives showers a greater opportunity to enter and get a full table before extra tables go on sale for previously registered showers. Given the popularity of the show, we do not want to turn people away due to a lack of full tables available. I will be taking requests for the additional tables as entries come in and they will be released to registered showers, in order off request, on November 16th.


Plans to be decided, traditionally we host this as a potluck lunch



Class sponsor $ 1.00 

Breed Section Sponsor $ 5.00 

Overall Division Champ $25.00 

Total Amount Due: 

Sponsoring the following:

(class name) _______________________________________

(section name) _____________________________________

(division name) _____________________________________


*Please make checks/money orders payable to KRISTIN ARENDT. A fee of 30.00 will be charged for any returned/bounced checks.


*Please include a hard-copy printout of e-mail entry information when sending payment. E-mail entries are accepted, but not considered to be complete until payment and a signed liability waiver is received.


*Entries received with incorrect balance or balance due will be held until fees are paid in full.


*Entries are NOT COMPLETE until a signed release is on file with the Showholder!


*Entries postmarked or received via US Mail or e-mail after November 15, 2021 must be paid at the Late Entry Fee amount.


*REFUND POLICY: Full refund can be made for requests received by 8:00PM on November 15, 2021. No further refunds can be made after that time, however please contact the show holder and see if arrangements could be made to transfer your table to another shower or someone on the waitlist. We understand things come up in life and will try to accommodate on a case by case basis. 



*SHOW HALL: A floor plan will be made so we know exactly how many showers can have full tables. Entrants should have no problem getting the table space they desire. However, when all the assigned tables are sold - the show will be closed. If you only need half a table, please request  a half table. Secondary full tables will likely NOT be available, and if so, only at the very last minute pending show-hall-fill.


A signed release from each entrant (or parent or guardian if you are under 18) is required, so follow up all e-mail entries with a printed copy, please! You may also bring your signed release with you and submit it at registration, but you will NOT BE ALLOWED TO SHOW WITHOUT THE SIGNED RELEASE ON FILE.


I hereby release the event coordinators, judges, helpers for THE WINTER FESTIVUS 2021 model horse show, and all employees or volunteers of the San Martin Lions Club, as well as the facility management and catering management, of any liability for any personal injury, property damage or loss that may occur during the course of this one-day event. I further understand that all judges' decisions are final, and I agree not to hold any judge or member of the event staff liable for any decision or judgment that is made in the course of the event. I have read and understood the rules of THE WINTER FESTIVUS Model Horse show and agree to abide by these rules. I understand that if these rules are violated, I may be asked to leave the class or event at any time with no refund of fees.


Signature:__________________________________ Date: ________________


PRINT NAME ____________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian:___________________________ Date: __________________


PRINT NAME _____________________________________________________

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